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Al Foah is the leading player in the date palm industry, and is the largest date receiving and processing business in the world. We have an annual production of close to 113,000 metric tons, of which 90 percent is exported to 48 countries worldwide.

We power the growth of an efficient and sustainable dates sector that’s driven by the farmers, for the farmers.

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Giving back to the farmers who make it all possible

Since Al Foah’s inception, we have touched the lives of over 18,000 farmers across the UAE. We do this through our 8 world-class receiving centres, educational seminars, publishing leaflets, and educational brochures to improve the harvest, maintain standards and increase efficiency.

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Al Foah takes a great interest in contributing to events that come in line with social responsibility. We support various segments of society as part of our national responsibility, and are keen to deliver effective contributions that will provide care and assistance for the community.

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