The farmer is the backbone of the development of the palm industry in the country, and the main axis for improving the quality of dates. Thus, supporting the farmer by meeting his needs is one of the most important priorities of Al Foah Company. That is why, from the day of our establishment, we at Al Foah have made it our mission to help the farmers by guiding, supporting and providing them with all opportunities and services.

Since 2007, we have applied a new policy for supporting the farmers, and the percentage of those who have benefited from this policy has reached very high levels. Al Foah believes that the success of this economic sector is due to the successful farmer who provides high-quality dates that reflect the unique global position of the United Arab Emirates.

At Al Foah, we aim to develop the dates industry into a thriving sector while keeping the best interests of the farmers at heart. This is why Al Foah serves a network of more than eighteen thousand farmers across the United Arab Emirates.

We provide our farmers with the knowledge, technology and support they need to nurture high-quality crops, along with an efficient harvest receiving and processing system that adheres to global standards.
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Our dates, our heritage, our pride

To grade the quality of the dates we receive at harvest time, we at Al Foah adhere to rigorous sets of criteria. Our standards have been jointly approved by a committee of our in-house quality control specialists and the food safety representatives from Abu Dhabi Food Control Authority.

Thanks to these, you can rest assured that you will purchase the best dates that the UAE has to offer. We also make sure that all our dates farmers earn the best returns on investment.

Based on the farm’s quantity of production, Al Foah
classifies its farms into four categories. 

Farms Classifications
  • Small Farms
  • Medium Farms
  • Above Medium Farms
  • Big Farms
Production Quantity (MT Yield)
  • Less than 2.5 MT Yield
  • From 2.5 MT to 6.0 MT Yield
  • From 6.0 MT to 10.0 MT Yield
  • More than 10 MT Yield