Al Foah was established in 2005 and is a subsidiary of SENAAT (formerly known as General Holding Corporation), which is owned by the Government of Abu Dhabi. Its headquarters office is in Al Ain.

We have an annual production of over
113,000 metric tons

90 %

is exported to 48 countries worldwide

Al Foah exports to 48 countries across the world, including the top ten global markets for dates, consisting of the UAE, India, Amman, Bangladesh, Morocco, Indonesia, Jordan, Syria, Sri Lanka and Somalia.

Our Facilities

  • Provides a wide range of essential nutrients and is a great source of
    dietary potassium
  • The palm leaves
    are used as
    from the sun
  • Its wood is used for
    houses and fishing boats
  • Acts as a
    staple diet
    that has nourished the people
    of this land for generations
  • Dates have been
    cultivated in Arabia
    for more than
    8000 years